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Bicycle Rental- Discover Cape Town at Your Own Pace

If you want to explore the South African capital a bit further, rent a bike with us and cycle through the streets of this lovely city. Experience its marvelous streets like a local and stop whenever you want for a coffee or to take some pictures. Shop at the charming boutiques by the Victorian Port and discover sights like the Greenpoint Lighthouse! What are you waiting for? Book our Bike Rental Cape Town today!

Cape Town cycling will take you through some of the most inspiring scenery in Cape Town. Soak the sounds and sights of the majestic mountain passes to the glittering Atlantic Ocean, and cultural attractions of the Mother City on your exclusive cycling journey in Cape Town. The cycling in Cape Town is best for your planning to explore the paved trails. Experience Cape Town through the eyes of our passionate, local guides and storytellers.

We set off with experienced guides who have all-round experience in Cape Town cycling and are nice guys as well. We try to give you a significant oversight of the cycle tour for every place you visit. It will be excellent support even for someone who lived in or traveler from out of Cap Town or anywhere around the world! You can experience Cape Town cycling from such a different perspective as well.

cycling Cape Town

All our cycling tours in Cape Town are safe and entertaining experience is then walking. It is also a big part of exploring city life in Cape Town. Have you ever been to South Africa wish to experience protest march? You can experience that you have never engaged in from the comfort of a cycle tour in Cape Town.

On the way, perceive the beautiful sculpture of Nelson Mandela that you have somehow not visited in the year since it was placed on the balcony of City Hall. It is the exact place of his public appearance after releasing from Robben Island. All South Africans remember the Grand Parade, with hundreds of thousands of people listening to his first speech. Be proud to come across such a prominent and historic place in Cape Town.

It was also a stark reminder to visit the historic place that shows the racially segregated benches outside the High Court. It depicts how black and white people are treated at that time. They even are not allowed to sit in the same chair. A cycle ride on Long Street is one of the un-missed things to do in Cape Town. Kirstenbosch Garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an eminent botanical garden worth of visit while traveling in Cape Town with a cycle.

A guided Cape Town cycling tour will let you have a brief with the history of the vineyard, how the wine is made, and finally ends up with some of the earthy samples of wine. Of course, it is one of the most exciting and beautiful things while you are on your Cape Town cycling tour.

Green Market Square is a popular place on the tourist map for your Cape Town cycling. It is vibrant with history. Table Mountain next! Here you can perceive the view to False Bay and the Table Mountains, and the Wine lands on the far side of the sandy Cape Flats. It will undoubtedly increase your heart rate, and the panoramic views of the Mother City will leave you breathless!

You can all benefit from several features of our beautiful Cape Town Cycle tour to such an international tourist destination! The environment is so good to make you feel active and energized than you would in a vehicle. You will actively be engaged around your surroundings, the streets, and the people, and it makes for so much more of a rewarding experience.

Do you want to explore the true essence of Cape Town? Trust on our Cape Town cycling tour, and we give our best effort to prove your Cape Town cycling trip as one of the best cycling tours you will ever have!