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Everything You Need To Know About Road Cycling Tours Cape Town

South Africa – one of the ideal locations for both guided and self-supported bicycle tours in the world. Whether you are looking for a guided bicycle tour of a week or two, or you want to create your own cycling tour and explore some of its hidden regions, South Africa is the best cycling destination you’ve been dreaming about!

I have just completed road cycling tours Cape Town, and it was amazing! I also participated in a high-end guided bike tour and then conducted two-and-a-half more months of solo travel across the country with the best road cycling tours in Cape Town.

I learned so much during my road cycling tours in South Africa, so I would like to take this time to share with you some of the most common questions I often find about road cycling tours Cape Town.

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Questions such as:

What Are South Africa’s Road Conditions Like To Be?
Cape Town roads are surprisingly excellent. The roads are remarkably well-maintained, with little traffic and wide shoulders. Most cyclists will be pleased with the roads in South Africa and delighted to learn that the traffic is not overly crowded as they might think it to be. In fact the opposite!

If you are planning an extensive cross-country bike tour in South Africa, you should come prepared to cycle from quiet city streets to empty country roads.

A Mountain Bike Or An Off-Road Capable Touring Bicycle?
No, you do not need an off-road capable touring bike or a mountain bike for a bicycle tour in South Africa. The main roads are paved and perfect for road or touring bicycles of every kind. If, however, you wish to conduct a mountain bike tour, or plan to spend any time travelling on the gravel side, South Africa would be ideal too!

What Does A Typical Day of Bicycling Tour in South Africa Look Like?
One day of a road cycling tour in South Africa greatly varies depending on the type of tour you wish to conduct and the region of the country in which you are travelling, but you will be guaranteed sunshine and warm hospitality enroute.

How Much Does A Bike Tour Cost In South Africa?
It is hard to say how much road cycling tours in South Africa might cost you. If you plan to conduct a guided bicycle tour, then figuring out the cost of your trip will be relatively easy through a company like But if you’re planning for a self-supported bicycle tour, making an estimated budget itinerary is going to be a little tougher.

The cost of your road cycling tour will vary greatly depending on your accommodation, the food you eat, and what you spend on souvenirs, entertainment, etc. But what I can say is it will be a lot cheaper than either European, American or Australian packages of the same duration.

Is Riding Bicycles Allowed In Kruger National Park?
No! You cannot ride your bicycle inside Kruger National Park. If you want to enter Kruger National Park, you either rent a car and drive yourself into the park, or you need to pay to be a part of a guided tour within the park.

Confused Between A Guided or Self-Supported Bicycle Tour?
There are different ways to enjoy a trip by bicycle in the country of South Africa. You can participate in a guided bike tour where your stay, meals, and the routes to travel all are planned out in advance and taken care of by an established cycling tour company, or you can choose to conduct a self-supported cycling tour which will require you to travel alone carrying food, clothing, and other essentials required.

If this is your first time traveling in South Africa, I think Cape Town is a great place to start. Whether you decide to conduct a guided or self-guided tour in the country, you are sure to find something amazing about the place that you will enjoy. The people at are super helpful and knowledgeable and should be your first point of contact.