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It’d be tragic to be in South Africa & not to visit Cape Town has been nominated by the annual poll of travel and leisure magazine as the sixth best tourist city. It’d even be more tragic not visit Table Mountain which was primarily recognized as sea mountain that’s more than 1000m high fringed by Devils Peak on the east & Lion’s Head on the west. It’s assumed to be a flat table top which was once the bottom of a lake several years back. It’s a beauty that must be beheld.

You may feel fascinating to know that the Table Mountain is one of the oldest mountains in the globe. It’s 6 times older than Himalayas in Asia & 5 times older than the Rockies in North America. In fact, Table Mountain is the most photographed in Cape Town. If you are in Cape Town during the summer, you’ll see a layer of cloud covering the summit of the mountain and this is called the table cloth.

Table Mountain Tour

The base of Table Mountain consists out of granite while most of the mountain is sculpted from sandstone & rises about 1 086 m above the bay. Its flat summit measures about 3 km from one end to the other. Table Mountain has been declared a national monument and is home to more than 1 470 species of plants. This is more than all the plant species put together in the whole of the British Isle! Many of these plants emerge nowhere else on earth including the rare Silver Tree.

How to reach the majestic Table Mountain?
There’re 2 ways to reach at the summit of Table Mountain – via cable car or on foot. You can also choose to hike to the top & descend by cable car.

However, for the ultimate thrill we recommend Table Mountain Bike Ride. We recommend the mountain biking trails that go along the side of the face to Rhodes Memorial and back! Here at Cycle The Cape, we organize Mountain Bike Tours in Cape Town that are tailor-made for experiencing ultimate adventure and thrills with a touch of fun and excitement! Whether you have precious technical riding experience or not, we will make sure you make the most of your Table Mountain biking experience. Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about our tours.