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The establishment of Cape Town primarily was as a supply station for Dutch East Indies’ ships that traveled east. It holds a unique position on the South African coast, offering amazing bay and sea views with Table Mountain as a grand setting. It is a standout amongst the most well-known holiday destinations in Africa, due to its exceptional landscape, mellow atmosphere and incredible visitor facilities. You can enjoy all these when you are part of bicycle touring in Cape Town with us at Cycle the Cape.

Let us have a look at some of the places where you can go, which you will remember forever.

Table Mountain
The grandest milestone in South Africa, Table Mountain is a level topped mountain standing above Cape Town city. With more than 24 million guests every year, the scenery will most likely overwhelm your mind!

Table Mountain, as portrayed by many, is otherworldly and charming in its specific manner. Investigate the valley and go climbing or cycling among the forested areas and acknowledge nature at its best. A habitat of more than 1500 types of creatures and plants, Table Mountain National Park displays a magnificent blend of widely varied vegetation all year round in it’s natural environment. Welcoming a few guests from all over the globe, the highest point of the mountain appears to be heaven sent onto the earth, offering the most staggering perspectives. You may get a cable car here to observe the excellence of the Cape Peninsula, which has immense natural vegetation comprising of the most uncommon and unique restorative herbs and plants over more than 1,250 square meters of the area. The best way to have a view of such natural beauty is to be a part of bicycle tours in Cape Town.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens
Appropriately toward the east of Table Mountain lays the incredibly green Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. Additionally, a UNESCO World Heritage site, these professionally managed gardens are visited all year round by large visitor numbers.

The significant aim behind these nurseries was to safeguard and save the indigenous vegetation of the entire nation. Opened in 1913, the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens are immense and include in excess of twenty thousand local types of plants, and herbs. It is a labyrinth of plant enclosures, the most prominent ones being the scented gardens, sculpture gardens and the boomslang elevated walkway. Travelers gladly welcome the greenery and the wonderful perspectives that this fascination offers. There is likewise a little oasis with trees leaving everybody hypnotized.

Clifton and Camps Bay Beaches
At very nearly 6 kilometers long from the bustling downtown area, Clifton and the shorelines of Camps Bay draw in people from all walks of life. It is luxurious area planned along the awesome white sand shorelines, pulling in local people and outsiders alike. You can easily be there while doing Cape Town bicycle touring.

Each beach of Camps Bay flaunts a specific speciality. The principal one of the bay displays the tremendous volleyball scene and the best surfing conditions, pulling in water sports devotees from afar. Walk towards the south of Clifton and you can see progressively more adventure sports and beaches overlooked by the Twelve Apostles and the unmistakable pinnacle of Lion’s head. The fourth beach here gladly displays the Blue Flag status for its spotless facilaties and immaculate water. The dazzling sands along the waters are wonderful to look at and have instant soothing relief. There are numerous stylish bars and bistro where you can unwind and appreciate these awesome vistas.

The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront
One of Cape Town’s top vacation destinations, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront has an extraordinary history based on the everchanging and expanding harbour. Lying in the focal center of the city, this harbour has a ton of numerous bars, cafés and pubs pulling in each voyager into the city.

Victoria and Alfred is a delightful area with a great view of the face of Table Mountain. Once a great fishing harbour, the area has been completely reestablished and refurbished into a noteworthy vacation destination. With special historic and antique pieces from an earlier time still remaining, the harbour additionally shows visitors about the history and development of the nation. Individuals come here to drink, eat, shop and have fun. They additionally experience the Cape wheel, which has a total 360-degree perspective on the capital city.

Signal Hill
Sign Hill is only a few minutes from the downtown area. Travel up to the peak and experience the brilliant perspectives on the whole capital city with its shocking blue Atlantic Ocean shoreline and Table Bay Harbour..

The hill is around three hundred and sixty meters high which offers an incredible ascent for climbers and trekkers alike. Likewise, the prominent Signal Hill is known for its midday gun, a british 18 pounder cannon fired for ships to set their clocks by, set off daily since 1805! The Hill shapes the fundamental body of the Lion Head’s pinnacle and offers a charming drive at dusk. MTB rides starting and finishing from here along to Rhodes Memorial and back are just spectacular with every turn taken.

Chapman Peak Drive
A standout amongst the most phenomenal roads on the planet, Chapman Peak’s drive is a significant encounter for the visitor. The curved street, which stretches for around nine kilometers, shows the most intriguing perspective on the blue sea and the extraordinary mountaintops around.

Chappies, as the locals call it, allows for a pleasant excursion taking you through around one hundred and fourteen bends and offering an exciting backdrop of sea and mountains. If you can wait until dusk you will witness the most stunning perspectives on the already outrageous view. Snatch a bucket load of sundowners, the local cold beer castle perhaps, and appreciate nature at its very best. The view is mind blowing.

Likewise called the Malay Quarter, Bo-Kaap is the bright neighborhood close to the central city. Ancient yet so brilliant, this region inventively painted the house fronts along its cobbled stoned lanes after Apartheid, making this place unique with a large number of visitors around to see its brightly coloured streets. Situated on the inclines of Signal Hill, Bo-Kaap is an enthralling walk with its interesting streets. The area resembles a celebration in itself. Local people around there are the relatives of ‘Cape Malays’, the slaves brought from numerous South Asian and African nations by the Dutch. You can enjoy the genuine hospitality and culture of the Muslim people who live here still.

Cape of Good Hope
Situated at the South Western tip of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope is a specific area of the Table Mountain National Park. With the entrancing landscape and fascinating history, this segment has been pulling in vacationers for decades.

Cyclists,climbers and adventure sports aficionados frequently come here to surf, cycle and experience the one of a kind ‘Flying Dutchman Funicular,’ which lifts them around 238 meters over the sea. There is likewise a lighthouse showing the most astounding perspectives to the guests. Come here and go for a stroll to the prominent ‘Two Oceans Restaurant’ and appreciate a fantastic lunch or dinner with a view to die for.

District Six Museum
This superbly planned historical center honours and teaches the guests about the general population, culture and history of District Six. This additionally frames a fundamental part on the history of the capital.

One of the oldest settlements in Cape Town, District Six was a region of an incredibly diverse people which was chronicled in detail. It shows the deep-rooted way of life, relics and culture of the mixed local people, who gladly lived around there together until Apartheid. A site where most local people were forced to move from during Apartheid times, the historical center shows the conditions and the real hardships that prompted the segregation. The exhibition hall frames an incredible story in telling about Apartheid and the troublesome new laws . Local people think back about the narratives of the uprooted residents and likewise instruct visitors about how they accomplished such social equity before destruction.

Robben Island
Robben Island, regularly recognized as the place of Mandela’s Jail, is approximately ten kilometers from Cape Town city itself. It is this spot where the rulers sent the most dangerous prisoners during the Apartheid times and before.

Holding an incredible memory for every African, this island is preserved to show the institutional segregation, severity and savagery when Apartheid was law. It is this spot where the freedom fighters spent most of their whole lives battling for the opportunity of their nation. Aside from simply being used as a jail, the island was likewise a base and a protected area in World War II. With a profound history, Robben Island has an incredible exhibition hall, which would likewise become a visitor milestone. Guests come here to know about the troublesome times and how the freedom fighters defeated them all eventually.

Boulders Bay
Boulders Bay is only an hours drive from the city of Cape Town. Situated in Simon’s Town, this beach is home to more than two thousand endangered African Penguins. A large number of visitors come here to see the penguins in their natural habitat.

Penguins as the vast majority of us would think, are charming and exquisite animals. You can spend your whole day just seeing them waddle and strolling about almost in order and going for a dip. These uncommon yet splendid creatures stay here in the white sandy shoreline, which especially has a place within the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area. You can walk a little to the adjacent Foxy beach, which again enables you to watch these superb animals in the most staggering setting with stones, rocks and glimmering white sand as your backdrop.

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